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Process algebra modeling of human communication‭
Process algebra modeling of human communication‭
Steven Gibson
Superant Computing

Abstract.‭ ‬This paper proposes the use of process algebras and calculi to model human communication behaviors.‭ ‬This paper offers the beginning of formal methods to study the interaction of human beings.‭ ‬We will detail a limited process algebra to provide a tool for the high-level description of interactions,‭ ‬communications,‭ ‬and synchronizations between a collection of independent events.‭ ‬This limited process algebra is called event algebra.‭ ‬The expected outcomes are evaluation,‭ ‬verification of model identity and deadlock detection.

link to paper: docs.google.com/Doc

link to slides: docs.google.com/Doc

link to conference: http://www.world-academy-of-science.org/worldcomp09/ws/program/ica14

Presented at: 2009 World Congress in Computer Science - Las Vegas July 2009