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Modeling building blocks for language production and processing
Abstract:This paper describes the design and implementation of software that models an aspect of language use. This software postulates that human linguistic activities can be treated as modules that can be assembled and joined together. This model represents activity of modules in the production of language behaviors. The model asserts these modules interpret sensory data and respond with language behaviors. This paper seeks to offer a unified model to explain language production and processing. The software demonstates elements that are added and fulfill language needs. The model also expresses the coexistence of multiple modules that will interact and support each other. While this model does not offer a complete solution to all language use, it presents indications that language processing can be modeled computationally. Future work will be suggested to build on the model.

Poster presented at: ASIC 2010 Oregon in the summer

draft PDF at: http://stevengibson.org/Science/GibsonASIC201005.pdf

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