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Interaction Matrix Model for Language Production
Steven Gibson
California State University - Northridge

Abstract.‭ ‬

The Congruent Interaction Matrix (CIM) model is being

formulated to represent knowledge updating and language production. The line of research taken in this paper is limited to a set of questions restricted to concepts and actions that can be used in modeling human language behavior. The Congruent Interaction Matrix model introduced here proposes virtual structures represented as matrices. The theoretical and practical value of developing this framework and set of algorithms is discussed, in order to create tools useful for modeling human communication interactions. Possible future research studies and applications are suggested. The development of these tools could have future implications for human and machine communication analysis and production.

link to paper: http://stevengibson.org/LasVegas2011/ICA3690.pdf

link to slides: http://stevengibson.org/LasVegas2011/LasVegasSlideShow2011.pdf

link to talk outline: http://stevengibson.org/LasVegas2011/LasVegasTalk2011.pdf

link to conference: http://www.world-academy-of-science.org/worldcomp11/

Presented at: 2011 World Congress in Computer Science - Las Vegas July 2011