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Tinker and RubyWebDialogs
Experimenting with the rwdtinker framework with RubyWebDialogs


I split the source code and the gui code into atomic parts and use init.rb to merge the parts together.

With the framework, we are able to ship a "plugin" or as I calling them "applet" that can be dropped into a directory and installed automatically. Also uninstalled. I am calling this framework Tinker, so the core program I call rwdtinker. My wife, Charlotte. suggested the name. It relates to the the "Tinker Toys" that has blocks and dowls and shapes that can be assembled by children and take different shapes. Without the word toy, it reminds us if the older English meaning of "a person who repairs pots and household devices by soldering and hammering.

The delivered applet is setup in the required directory structure with
gui including help files & location of documentation
rwd_files = where documention for the applet can go.
installed = a inf file that lists the manifest of files

This package is zipped up and uploaded as a file like rwdashedule-0.2.zip

The enduser who has the rwdtinker program drops the zip file into a directory called zips. I have parts of rwdtinker now (for Linux) that can install it automatically and remove it (based on the .inf file)

Howard Dean for President
Hey, this as even made me log in to LJ.

I heard about Howard Dean less than two months ago and now I am working as hard as I can in Los Angeles to help him get the nomination and win in 2004.

Go Dean!


(no subject)
Have not been here for a long time.

Charlotte is doing well, but my mother is very ill. She is in the hospital. Really bad over the weekend. But she seems better now.

Just installed Windows XP at work. It is good I installed it on an old machine. I still don't like it ;-)

(no subject)
I am back after finding ruby and logjam.

Ruby is my friend
Started this journal. Does this mean I will stop using Advogato or my private wiki.

Only the future will tell about that.

Charlotte is going into surgery next week. I hope it goes more smoothly than her previous medical adventures.